About Us


Mothers in Mind (MIM) was founded by Christine Matthews a mother of twins to provide innovative USA MADE products solving common challenges. The Snickey, MIM’s initial product offering was created and is marketed by Mothers in Mind.

The birth of the Snickey…..

As a mother, Christine was NOT willing to wrap a traditional scarf around the necks of her children due to the potential choking hazards. Christine was unable to find an acceptable solution on the market, so she took matters into her own hands and created a new type of garment, part scarf, part dickey…but not really either. When friends, family and started to ask her to make one for their children she knew she was on to something and so the SNICKEY was born.

The Snickey originally designed for children…..· now offers children, parents, sports enthusiasts, as well as senior citizens an easier, safer, and more comfortable alternative to the bulky scarf or over the head neck warmer. The Snickey can be purchased in fine retail stores or on the website, MySnickey.com